Die Führungskräfte is the German Confederation of Managers providing a forum for the exchange of information and ideas, advisory services, representation services and lobbyist services for German professionals and executives.

We offer our 25,000 members comprehensive career and professional support including advisory services concerning all aspects of career entry and professional advancement, seminars as well as legal services free of charge from our team of specialist solicitors, even as a preventative measure if need be. We are a strong force to have at your side when lobbying in political or economic circles, and we offer a well-cultivated, wide-ranging network of members for regional contacts as well as for younger members, female executives and managing directors.

10 good reasons for you as a professional or executive to become a member:

As a member, you may take advantage of the full range of services we provide. The membership fee is €220 per year. Reduced rates apply for young professionals, retired persons, students and special members.

How do we represent our members in political arenas?

As professional representation providers, DIE FÜHRUNGSKRÄFTE plays an active role in German and European policymaking. Our work helps strengthen executives’ positions and generates tangible benefits for our members.
We are registered with the European Commission as providers of representation for executives. This registration allows us to submit statements directly to the European Commission within the scope of consultation procedures or other proceedings. The following is a selection of our position statements on a variety of subjects:

  • Changes by the German Governing Commission on Corporate Governance
  • Consultation document on corporate governance
  • Consultation document on the EU 2020 Strategy
  • Data protection for employees
  • Consultation document on the European Community
  • Consultation document on education
  • Reform of the law governing speakers’ committees
  • Green paper on pension policy
  • Corporate governance in financial institutions
  • Consultation document submitted to the European Commission on staying active and maintaining health in old age (“active aging”)
  • Green paper on European contract law
  • Europe 2020 lead initiative: industrial policy in the age of globalisation
  • Extension of maternity leave
  • EU consultation document on the requirement of companies to publish non-financial information
  • Revision of the European working time directive

Network European Movement Germany (EBD)

Die Führungskräfte has been an official member of the Network European Movement Germany (EBD) since mid 2010. The EBD is the only non-partisan joint association of advocacy groups in the field of European policymaking. The network promotes European integration in Germany and cross-border cooperation in European civil society. One of the network’s main tasks is to organise and intensify communication on the subject of Europe as a whole and the development of a European future in a dialogue with all EU stakeholders at the national and European levels. Expert opinions on European politics, information and activities of the member organisations are bundled and prepared in the network. Membership of this organisation enables Die Führungskräfte to effectively participate in current developments in Brussels. The continuous feedback exchanged between the political arena in Brussels and Berlin ensures that all available areas for shaping policy developments are recognised and utilised.

Legal services for our members

We advise and represent our members free of charge in all aspects of professional life. You will receive immediate, expert and reliable information on any questions you may have. Our association’s solicitors are experts in employment law and know the enterprises as well as their customs and idiosyncrasies. We can review contracts, conduct negotiations with employers directly or represent you in court proceedings.

  • Employment law
  • Social law
  • Tax law
  • Summary proceedings
  • Criminal proceedings

Our association is a mutually supportive group, which provides you with enormous advantages in turn, for example, test cases can be pursued within the community right up to the highest legal authority. In doing so, you have the support of the group and can exchange ideas with other executives.
Whether it’s a reference or a termination, a formal warning or a severance agreement, a dissolution contract or a non-competition clause, our association’s solicitors can advise you independently and with a view to your needs. You can take action early on to prevent a dispute from escalating, thus avoiding unnecessary legal proceedings. We also advise members of speakers’ committees, works councils and supervisory boards.

Getting the organization's magazine

Members receive the DFK's magazine free of charge. The complete magazines also are available as PDF-Files in the members lounge.