Do you have media competence?

Dear reader,

an incident in your company has alerted the media. "That thing with the interview shall be done by you", you are informed by the company spokes person - in the morning at 10.00 hours.

How can I prepare myself? What question matters? May I use a jotter pad for key words? A message to engineers: mind to use figures for argumentation or being too logical - rather address emotions!

Describe factual matters as simple as possible, use comparisons from normal life!

Stay relaxed! At surprising questions: take a deep breath and some time for reflection. In case you lack knowledge on certain matters, admit this.

And in case of a TV interview: do not look unfriendly and avoid wriggling! If everything works well, do I have media competence? This can be seen during broadcasting, when my arguments are being aired in the right context as well as in a correct manner.

However, more is needed for media competence. Also dealing with new media such as Facebook, LinkedIn et al. shows that the wall between private and working life comes down faster and easier than before.

The more we need to be aware what we (want to) reveal and what not. It counts to be humane, but avoid making a fool of yourself. Posting a holiday picture and getting "liked" by thousand friends? Or rather not?

The decision is not an easy one and requires media competence from managers - and good old human judgment. But regardless how you decide, stay open for new developments! The old wise saying is still true: who does not advance with time, will be gone by time!


Bernhard v. Rothkirch