Career Planning?

Michael Krekels

Dear reader,

can a professional career today still be planned? To know already today, which position one will hold tomorrow and what kind of tasks one will deal with? Where do we want to stay in career terms in ten years time? Today, these questions are more difficult to be answered than ever before and often, it evolves differently as well as more frequently than assumed. It happens more and more frequently, how decisive it is to be at the right time at the right place. In the past, there were scheduled and logical career paths. The individual stages from junior clerk or trainee towards head of branch or of division appeared like a flow diagram - in writing and with periods for individual stages. Next to competence, patience and endurance were needed and a career was calculable in a reliable way. Today, job descriptions change continuously. Digitisation and competion-based pressure lead to permanent changes in corporate flow and organisational structures. Project work and process optimisation means daily business for managers and experts.  

For these very reasons, good old luck plays an important role today.

It would be fatal, however, to rely only on this luck and on a favourite opportunity. Who wants to play poker, if it is about the professional career and the entire family's fate is linked to it?  Finally, the question as to whether there is career planning is already the first step to such one. Because one is (hopefully) making the right thoughts, i.e. how and in which way the job perspectives can be changed and - above all - can be influenced.

Questions of self-marketing today play a larger role also for managers. Personal branding, or "Marke ICH" in German, becomes more important in order to set oneself apart from other managers. Under certain circumstances and dependent on job or sector, it proves to be a career factor. As managers you know: being the best in your job is not enough. Communications in all directions is similarly demanded like the understanding of how human beings are "ticking". In matrix organisations and at virtual leadership, the drill yard's mechanisms do not longer function. Occasionally, even the best results need to be negotiated. The question of career planning is thus a good opportunity to step on the stage and to ask: what are my core competences? What I am burning for and what drives me? Which values are important to me? Can I achieve it by my own or do I need a coach, as it is offered by DFK? Or, as to whether I have arrived perhaps there, where I wanted to be. All these questions are correct and do help on the career path.

Finally, no one can take over from you to define what career actually means. And at the very end, the right point in time as well as a little bit of luck might deliver the turnaround. Even if one should not rely on it, we wish you this luck, not only for your job. DFK - DIE FÜHRUNGSKRÄFTE is the confederation for your professional success and - at any time - we are at your disposal.  


Michael Krekels