The Gathering of Generations

Michael Krekels

Dear reader,

later this year, in November, the voting right for women in Germany becomes 100 years old. Since its coming into power, much has been achieved already, but not enough. Still yet, women in management positions are markedly underrepresented. Despite of the shaking effect to gender relations by female quota for governing boards, the executive boards in German companies display a different picture. Among the Dax' 30 companies, the female share is just 13 %. This raises the question, how long the economy can still afford to ignore well trained managers and experts only for being female. With regard to the looming lack of experts, this is also a competition issue with other industralized countries.

If we want to reach the top of the bests, this means, at all levels we need more women in leading positions. It should be natural, that remuneration level must not depend on gender. A given, which regrettably has not yet reached every corner in our country. Consequently, this issue of "Perspektiven" will deal also with a “Gender Pay Gap”.

Another centennial anniversary is to be celebrated in 2018, too: DIE FÜHRUNGSKRÄFTE - DFK have been founded in 1918. Admittedly not under this name which we carry just for some years. But one of the largest predecessors - the VELA - was founded after WWI as representation of managers (The VoB - federation of mining executives was established one year later). In those stormy times, managers and executives united in order to stand for their rights and to implement it. From our daily practice we know that this is and remains highly topical.

DFK's anniversary will be celebrated by us extensively, as you will hear and see in the course of this year. For this, however, we request your help: we need your momentos and stories around the DFK and its various predecessors such as the VDF and VAF. We want the history of our confederation to become lively. More information on that is to be found in this magazine.

How seriously the "Grand Coalition" in Berlin will deal with women in leadership, needs to be seen. Finally, Germany has a new federal government which will be dealt with in this magazine's next issue. Until then, we wish you much enlightenment with this issue of "Perspektiven".

Michael Krekels